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Meduza: Educational Multimedia On Demand

CARNET Meduza is a service for the distribution of multimedia content designed for educational and academic institutions and the individual users of the CARNET member institutions.

A quality introduction of the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) into all work and life activities involves the use of ICT at all educational levels. Due to practical funding and time restrictions, the travelling of teachers for the purposes of their education in a different location is often impossible or leads to the suspension of regular classes. The implementation of the platform for the distribution of multimedia content enables distance education with equal access to all users, from their workplace or home, at any time of the day.

In the development of the platform, special attention was dedicated to the needs of users located in areas of special state concern, hilly and mountainous areas and islands with poor connections to the regional centres on the mainland. The needs of the teachers in schools and educational institutions in those areas were taken into consideration. Students, their parents and the wider community have all been included in order to level the opportunities for the participation of all the citizens of the Republic of Croatia in the activities pertaining to the improvement of the quality of working and living conditions.

The name of the system, Meduza, comes from the Greek word medomai (μεδομαι) = "to plan", "to have an idea", "to find". It was chosen to emphasise the efficiency of the future platform. The desired objective of the CARNET Meduza is its availability to CARNET users as a source of knowledge, information and educational content.