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Net in School

"Net in School" is a project of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports aimed at ensuring, through a donation by T-Com, Internet access and other network services for secondary and primary schools. The first part of this action included connecting schools to an ISDN connection, and in the next phase, depending on their technical possibilities, some schools were connected with ADSL technology.

By joining the action, the schools received a connection to the CARNet network via T-Com infrastructure, unlimited data transfer and Internet speed of up to 8192/512 kbit/s, completely free of charge.

The purpose of the "Net in School" project is to enhance the teaching process by using the Internet in teaching and to ensure the same conditions for young people in Croatia that their peers in Europe and the world have.

The project started in 2003 and continues in order to enable young people in Croatia to join the global information society as much as possible, and to make Internet their everyday place of learning, contact and fun.



Phone: +385 1 66 61 656