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There is great need for synchronisation within the computer network environment. Accurate time is necessary for the proper functioning of distributed applications, in log analysis following a break-in into a computer system, for network monitoring and analysis and similar. 

In cooperation with the University Computing Centre, CARNET has established and maintains an NTP - a time server system enabling every computer connected to the CARNET network, or to the Internet, to precisely adjust time of its internal clock. NTP (Network Time Protocol) is a protocol intended for the synchronisation of computer clocks via the network. It is used in communication between servers and between the servers and the clients. A simpler protocol, SNTP (Simple NTP), is also used for the communication between the server and the client.

The NTP is based on a client computer sending a current-time query to a certain server, and the server replying with its current time. The query is then repeated several times and the difference between times is calculated. The client further sends queries to other servers which it has been programmed to check, and as it receives data, it compares them with data obtained from all other servers and with the local time.

Then, on the basis of such data, if servers have satisfied specific parameters, the local clock of the client computer is adjusted. The time synchronisation operation is repeated in regular time intervals in order to ensure that the local time never departs too much from the server time.

Accurate time synchronisation service is public and free of charge. It is intended primarily for the academic and educational community, but it is also accessible to all other Internet users in the Republic of Croatia and beyond.




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