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School Portal

For all students and teachers who like to use technology as an aid in learning, preparing classes, reinforcing the knowledge they acquired from school materials, as well as for everyone who wishes to cooperate with colleagues all over Croatia and exchange knowledge and digital course materials, CARNET has developed and maintains the School Portal at - a central point where visitors can find useful information concerning schools and CARNET services, and themselves contribute to the development of its contents.

One of the important tasks of the School Portal is to gather, classify and publish digital course materials prepared by primary and secondary school teachers but also by their students. The materials can be used by teachers to modernise and enrich classes and by students to supplement their learning in class or independent learning, which can be made more simple and interesting with the help of technology. This is why the School Portal publishes all the information required for writing, registering and publishing digital educational materials.

Apart from digital educational materials, the School Portal also contains plenty of useful information and content accompanying the learning material, which can help the students in fulfilling their daily school obligations, but also in organising their extracurricular activities.

With the aim of offering its readers a renewed concept, after nearly nine years of existence, the School Portal has introduced new sections. As a result of recognising the teachers' needs and the growing role of information and communication technologies in education, the following sections were created: Current Events, Digital Content, Contemporary Education, Good to Know and CARNET and Schools. The existing sections have been incorporated into the new ones, so the readers of the portal have all the content of interest to them so far available within a different structure, enriched by new content.

The "Contemporary Education" section is designed for teachers and focuses primarily on the use of information and communication technologies in education, but also on other aspects of teaching and teachers' professional training. An important part of the section are the practical examples published by the teachers themselves.

The "Current Events" section contains the latest news related to the educational system. Thus, in this section you can find news about Croatian educational institutions, schools, information for students concerning education, as well as highlights regarding new events and tools in the "Informer" subsection.

The "Digital Content" section contains all the digital educational materials by Croatian teachers published on the School Portal, as well as student papers, school newspapers and audio broadcasts of the Croatian Radio Children's and Educational Programme.

The "Good to Know" section is a depository of authorial texts designed for primary- and high-school students, information and advice relevant to parents, as well as of a wealth of expert advice for students and parents. This section also includes subsection featuring highlights and information regarding various activities which can enrich the readers' free time.

Besides the mentioned content designed for the readers' specific needs, there is also content of common interest, which includes news regarding all the current events in education, the work of the educational institutions, technology, science, travel, hobbies etc.




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