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Server Certificates

There is a growing need today for electronic server certificates which are necessary for the establishment of safe communication channels. If the users want to download data, access sensitive data or make sensitive data (e.g. user names) available when connecting to the server (web server, mail server and similar), they have to be certain that they have accessed the right server and that the communication with the server is safe (no one can intercept/read and/or change data), i.e. encrypted.

The use of SSL technology ensures the necessary safety level, but servers are required to have the appropriate electronic certificates (server certificates, SC).

Electronic certificates have to be issued by an authority that end users and/or software support manufacturers trust, i.e. an authority whose verification (root) certificates have been integrated into user browsers and other clients through which they access the servers. Electronic certificates issued in such a way prevent pop-up messages informing users that they have accessed a server for whose electronic certificate their client does not have an established chain of trust.

For the purpose of increasing the safety of users during access to services offered by CARNET members, CARNET has, in cooperation with TERENA, established the service of issuing server certificates for which in majority of clients there is already a chain of trust which can be used to verify the validity of the electronic certificate and thus prevent the pop-up message.