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The Timetable is an interactive web application, intended only for primary and high-school students to make their learning and etting along at school easier. It is primarily a class schedule, updated with the announced school events.

Students can add an event to every school class in the application - it can be an exam, homework, a school assignment, a test, or something else. This is then linked to a date, subject and explanation.

An important part of the timetable is the lesson materials room, containing documents which the timetable users have included with particular events. Lesson materials room currently contains about 1000 documents, including notes from lectures, exercises and various other materials.

The first student in every class who comes to the website can request a class to be opened inside the application by clicking on the “Become a user” button. Since the Timetable is supported by the system, signup is quick and easy. After the user has signed up, he becomes the class administrator and can add other students from his class by using their electronic mail.

The aim of the Timetable is to provide students within a particular class with a tool helping them to achieve easy collaboration and mutual motivation. The Timetable can be only accessed by students.