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Web Space

The web space provision service is a service enabling users to store their own websites on a particular web server in the CARNET network. In this way the user can present information in the desired form through websites which today represent the most widespread method of publishing information on the Internet. Depending on which group they belong to, CARNET will enable its users to publish their websites:

  • on the servers of institutions connected to the CARNET network
  • on a public server.

CARNET does not charge its users this web space provision service.

Web space on member institution servers

Employees, students or non-commercial associates of CARNET member institutions (institutions connected to the CARNET network) can obtain the space for publishing their websites at their institution. The procedure for obtaining web space on a computer of an institution is different in each particular institution.

Web space on a public server

In order to improve information space in Croatia, CARNET also enables the creation of what we call guest information services on a public server. This means primarily that institutions, associations or individuals can publish websites on which they would publish information on their activities. Basic requirements for guest websites are that they should not be commercial and that they should respect the basic civilisational and moral standards. Principles of operation for guest information services on a public server have been stipulated in the document called CDA0026. Additional information can be found at the Public Server website.




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