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EU programmes and projects in CARNET

For the purpose of strengthening institutional capacity for use of EU funds, Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNET monitors grants, applying and implementing projects.

The activities of the CARNET also include joining international partnerships and international projects, building human resources and administrative capacities for participation in structural funds and other programmes after the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, as well as co-financing of the existing and new CARNET services from EU funds.

Current projects:

ATS2020 - Assessment of Transversal Skills 2020 - The aim of the project is to propose a model for students' learning that through the national curriculums context, facilitates students to develop transversal skills necessary for the 21st century society. At the same time it aims to give teachers innovative tools so as to assess these skills. There is an urgency for education systems to explore new approaches and to design new activities that will equip learners with core transversal skills and competences to match the demand of a 21st century society. The Assessment of Transversal Skills 2020 Project (ATS2020) will develop and test assessment approaches and practices across a range of real-life classrooms in 10 pilot countries working with 250 schools and involving 20,000 learners.

e-Schools - The purpose of the e-Schools pilot project is to establish a system for the development of digitally mature schools through the pilot project and the evaluation of the application of ICT (information and communications technologies) in the educational and operational processes of 10% of schools in the Republic of Croatia.

GÉANT (Multi-Gigabit European Academic Network) - The GÉANT 3 project was launched in April 2009. It is supported and financed by the European Union with 93 million euros through the 7th EC Framework Programme, a special research and technology development programme. It was intended as a follow-up to the GÉANT2 project and represents the third generation of GÉANT. The planned duration of the project is 4 years, and 36 European countries are involved. 

Scientix - The community for science education in Europe - A project that promotes and supports cooperation of natural science and mathematics professors and technical courses (STEM) across Europe.

Completed projects:

AMORES - A project about discovering a love for literature through digital collaboration and creativity. The AMORES project aims to improve students engagement in reading national and European literature through an innovative AMORES teaching methodology. Students in 5 primary schools from different European countries will exchange and discuss their e-artefacts inspired by national literature via social networks and videoconferences. 

ACDC - Advanced Cyber Defence Center - CIP ICT PSP funded project including 28 partners from 14 EU countries joined together to fight botnets, through establishment of the Central Clearing House in order to collect information and prevent dissemination of botnets.

CARNet Study visit - A one-time event. During this event Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNET hosted a group of participants from European countries and showed them examples of good practice of cooperation between educational institutions, from primary and secondary schools to institutions of higher education and companies, with the focus on innovative application of information and communications technologies.

ECOLAV - Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership activity within the Lifelong Learning Programme. The goal of ECOLAV  project is integration of environmental competence in vocational education in Europe and development of a relevant framework for environmental competencies specific for partner organizations countries.

Empowering CARNET Employees in Social Media, Adult Education and Leadership - A project with the goal to strengthen the capacity of CARNET Employees by attending training in the area of competence of leadership and management, international relations and cooperation, and the use of social media in teaching adults.

eVET READY - Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership activity within the Lifelong Learning Programme. The goal of eVET READY project is to equip vocational schools with useful tools for self-evaluation of e-learning readiness in order to increase the e-learning capacity in vocational schools and partner institutions.

eVET2Edu - The aim of the project is to support trainers and teachers from VET sector in implementation of dynamic, open and innovative methods by adapting and transfering validated e-learning course for vocational schools and training sector.

ICT Curricula - Within the grant scheme "Further development and implementation of the Croatian Qualifications Framework", Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNET is successful winner of the grant for the project "Development of ICT curricula, qualifications and program elements in primary education - Developing elements qualifications, programs and curricula the part of computer competence in primary education ", funded from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), Component IV from Human Resources Development.

Inspiring Science Education - Project aim is to design, plan and implement large-scale pilots to stimulate and evaluate innovative use of existing eLearning tools and resources for scientific disciplines and technology, enhancing science learning in 5 000 primary and secondary schools in 15 European Counties.

Open Discovery Space - ODS - A project with the goal to stimulate adoption, exchange and use of the already existing e-learning resources through socially stimulated multi-lingual and open e-learning portals.



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