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Completed projects
  1. Capacity Building for the Development and Review of CARNET's Services Connected with the Use of ICT  – the goal of the project is to strengthen the capacities of CARNET employees, who will use the project to build their competences by working on a number of topics concerning the improvement of teaching and learning processes with the help of ICT and exchange their former experiences at training sessions from the field of team and group consultation and development competences. (1/6/2016 - 31/5/2018)

  2. Ensuring Access to Croatian Public e-Services within e-Citizens Platform — the purpose of the project is to promote the use of the infrastructure for the electronic identification of citizens in European Union and European Economic Area states. The goal of the project is to implement technical and business-normative adjustments of the e-Citizens system, the National Identification and Authentication System (NIAS) and the public electronic services for citizens. (1/7/2016 - 14/6/2017)

  3. ICT Knowledge Exchange — the project is financed from the Bilateral Fund of Norwegian Financial Mechanisms and the EEA and implemented by the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET. The general goal of the project is the exchange of knowledge and experience between the beneficiaries and the partner institution for the purpose of enabling the highest possible quality of use of information and communication technology (ICT) in education, as well as of e-services. The long-term goal is the establishment of constant cooperation between the beneficiaries and the partner institution on projects of mutual importance, related to the use of ICT in education. (1/10/2016 - 31/3/2017)

  4. Inspiring Science Education - design, plan and implement large-scale pilots to stimulate and evaluate innovative use of existing eLearning tools and resources for scientific disciplines and technology, enhancing science learning in 5 000 primary and secondary schools in 15 European Counties (1/4/2013 - 31/7/2016)

  5. AMORES - discovering a love for literature through digital collaboration and creativity (1/12/2013 - 1/12/2015)

  6. Open Discovery Space - ODS - stimulating adoption, exchange and use of the already existing e-learning resources through socially stimulated multi-lingual and open e-learning portals  (1/4/2012 - 1/10/2015)

  7. Advanced Cyber Defence Center - ACDC - improving protection of EU networks and systems against botnets and malware (1/2/2013 - 31/7/2015)
  8. Empowering CARNet Employees in Social Media, Adult Education and Leadership - training of CARNet Employees (1/7/2014 - 30/6/2015)
  9. ICT Curricula - Development of ICTcurricula, qualifications and program elements in primary education (19/8/2013 - 18/2/2015)
  10. eVET2Edu – training VET teachers for the use of ICT in instruction (1/10/2012 - 30/9/2014)
  11. ECOLAV - Environmental Competence Towards Labour Market and VET Systems (1/8/2012 - 31/7/2014)
  12. eVET READY - e-Learning Readiness for VET Schools (1/8/2011 - 30/9/2013)
  13. CARNet Study Visit - Improving learning and teaching through institutional collaboration supported by ICT (10/10/2011 - 14/10/2011)