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General and Financial Activities Department

The General and Financial Activities Department comprises joint services necessary for the operation of all CARNET departments.

Within this department, the following services are carried out:

  • Legal services
  • Personnel services
  • Finance and accounting
  • Car fleet services
  • Warehousing services.

Legal services include services of preparing and controlling the legal basis of contracts and procedures, the monitoring of regulations, providing professional assistance in interpreting regulations, the preparation and production of general acts, registration in court registers and other registers and record files, participation in public procurement procedures and preparation of contracts for the performance of duties after conducted proceedings.

Personnel services include the organization of legally prescribed personnel records, the healthcare and welfare of employees and the monitoring of regulations in the field of labour law. This group of services also includes keeping a central personnel data-base on employees and former employees, the preparation of employment contracts, decisions and resolutions in connection with the employment-legal status and rights, registration and deregistration in the medical and pension insurance system, keeping records on changes, descriptions of activities of particular employment positions, issuing certificates to employees, preparation of reports, public tenders for employment, production of identity cards and other personnel affairs.

Services related to finances and accounting concern the planning and preparation of the budget, the control of budget execution, production of semi-annual and annual reports about the budget execution, management of accounting services, compilation of financial statements and consolidated financial statements in accordance with financial and accounting regulations, management of bookkeeping records, cash transactions and services of calculating and payment of salaries.

The testing of the roadworthiness of vehicles, the verification of vehicle documentation, maintenance of vehicles and vehicle registration are services related to the car fleet.

Warehousing services include the organisation of the receipt of goods, the storage, safekeeping and issue of goods to users, along with the issue of all accompanying documentation, the monitoring of the application of regulations concerning warehouse operations and other regulations concerning goods warehousing proceedings, updates and maintenance of the inventory file system, defining the group and types of materials in the system, preparation and control of receipt, organisation of the qualitative and quantitative acceptance of goods in accordance with the contracts, preparation for the list of materials and working in the ARHiNET system in CARNET.