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Morning was devoted to the affiliates discussing what they have done during the year, with a focus on how they have introduced new technologies, social software, design formats, etc., and participants should be prepared to discuss their recent experiences. The sessions on the afternoon was cover several global GDLN issues and was led by the World Bank Institute (WBI).

These sessions discussed:

  • GEM update: The session covered some of the issues affiliates face and how we could best overcome them until the new replacement system is in place. The second part of the session was a focus group on the new system, its requirements and suggested adjustments to processes.
  • GDLN Communications: The session covered a focus group on GDLN communications and what materials centers would find useful to have, e.g. by reviewing communications folders from other regions (AFR and LAC)
  • GDLN Global Governance: The session gave an update on the global GDLN governance agenda, its relevance for the affiliates. At the end of the session, a representative for the region was selected by all present affiliates.
    Day 1 ended with an visit to the old walled city of Dubrovnik, with a tour followed by dinner.


Day 2 was devoted to training for GDLN event management. The training was intended to build capacity to manage video-conferencing events to support World Bank programs. That work involved overseeing all organizational, logistical and distributional aspects of delivering those events. The training was delivered by Brigitte and by the GDLN affiliates with experience conducting this work.
The day also covered interactions between the ECA GDLN team, the WBI GDLN team and the affiliates in the region. What works, what does not? What measures should be implemented to make processes more efficient and effective? The session gave an update on the new team structure in WBI and the idea of a One-stop-shop for event implementation.
Day 2 ended with a dinner in the restaurant nearby the hotel.


In the morning we reviewed the interactions of the previous two days and discussed ideas for the direction of our network in the future. What are the aspects that people value and how can we focus on and enhance these aspects?

The exact timetable is attainable from here.