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Ljubljana meeting

April 12-13, 2012

The project partners met on the second project meeting in Ljubljana in the mid-April, with the goal to plan and distribute tasks for the next phase of the project, to conclude the final concept of the self-evaluation tool (SET) for e-learning readiness in VET schools and to begin working on the questions for the SET questionnaire.

The meeting was mainly devoted to drafting questions for the SET, which will be organized into four categories: technology, organization, pedagogy and cooperation.

In addition to working on the SET, representative of the National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia Nives Kreuh presented the national project of e-Education (e-Šolstvo). Project partners also visited the vocational schools that successfully use technology in education: Upper-Secondary School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technical Gymnasium and Foundation, Innovation and Research Centre which has developed online applications for certain vocational branches.