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Office of the CEO

The Office of the CEO is a special organisational department of CARNET that manages, coordinates and organises business activities of the CARNET institution. The office is managed by the CARNET CEO, while the Vice CEO and deputies coordinate and organise business activities of the other departments of CARNET. The CEO coordinates activities at the level of the entire institution and beyond and represents CARNET in public.

The Office of the CEO monitors the legality and timeliness of activities and undertakes measure for ensuring effectiveness of activities, arranges activities and provides operational instructions, is responsible for the orderly and correct use of property and work resources and carries out measures for establishing responsibilities for the violation of official duties, prescribed by law.

The Office of the CEO coordinates the following activities:

  • research of application and development of new technologies
  • public relations
  • international cooperation
  • cooperation with the World Bank
  • annual users' conference
  • marketing activities
  • special information services
  • coordination of foreign funding sources
  • activities concerning special projects.

Research and development within CARNET is carried out through activities of all departments, but the coordination of activities concerning this business segment is planned, coordinated and managed by the Office of the CEO. These activities continuously monitor the technological and legal trends that influence the application potential of new technologies and processes within CARNET and examine the possibility of their application.

The Office of the CEO coordinates the public relations of CARNET and is responsible for the cooperation with the media, the creation and implementation of promotional projects in order to raise public awareness about the work of CARNET and make the information publicly available in accordance with the Act on the right of access to information. This includes the creation and maintenance of the corporate website of the CARNET institution, Facebook profile, corporate newsletter, the presentation of CARNET on Wikipedia and the CARNET Users Conference page. As required and according to plan, thematic websites are created as well.

The Office of the CEO plans and organises the annual conference of all CARNET users and partners, as the central event for the presentation of the CARNET institution.

The Office of the CEO also coordinates the international cooperation activities of the CARNET institution. As part of its vision of including the Republic of Croatia in the contemporary information society, the CARNET institution participates in a series of international activities. CARNET international cooperation activities are developing into a stable communication channel toward the international community, via which CARNET has a chance to represent Croatia and its academic and research community. Through the intensification of international contacts and activities, a contact network suitable for the exchange of information and the best experiences about organisational and technological aspects of research and education networks has been created.

As part of its international cooperation, CARNET monitors activities of other academic networks in Europe, participates in the work of international organizations that bring together national, educational, research and education networks, encourages the inclusion of the Croatian academic community in international projects in the field of research and application of information technologies and provides coordination support to the participation of CARNET employees in international projects.

Within the Office of the CEO, activities concerning domestic and foreign project financing are managed and coordinated, primarily funds of the European Community. This is slowly developing into a constant activity of the office that has the greatest growth prospect and prospect of ensuring additional financing for CARNET activities and projects.

For 2012, numerous new projects are planned. An organisational and functional adjustment of structures of the CARNET institution to the needs of users will be carried out, from the scientific and research community to the system of elementary and secondary education, and efforts will be invested in ensuring additional human, financial and spatial resources for the provision of its activities and tasks. Also envisioned is the redesign, adjustment and modernisation of existing services and stimulation of the use of new ICT channels toward users and partners. New projects in the organisation of the annual users' conference are also planned, and we will celebrate 20 years of the Internet in the Republic of Croatia. The Office of the CEO also plans to organise a camp for young programmers, establish a service for the monitoring of international programmes and funding sources and to introduce an innovation system in CARNET.