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Reference center was established by a contract of co-operation between CARNet and Faculty of Graphic Arts which was signed in autumn of 2003 with the intention to found a series of theme-oriented reference centers which will deal with and provide services in the field of multimedia technologies in educational materials, with special attention paid to their adaptation for the web



  • To gather, publish and continuously update and supplement the following information about the development of multimedia elements and their adaptation to the web:

    o Recommendations for the development of individual types of multimedia elements (images, photographs, animations, simulations, video or audio recordings etc.) 
    o Recommendations for adaptation of multimedia elements to the web according to their type
    o A list of commercial and free tools for development of every type of elements
    o Data on licensing and prices of these tools
    o Examples of good and bad use of multimedia elements in educational materials (real or developed).

  • Analyze the needs of users and supplement the web with information in accordance with these needs
  • Provide help for all questions the users ask through web, e-mail, telephone or personally. 




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