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1. What basic computer programs, literature or sites would you recommend as necessary before attempting to create a web page (without attending courses)?
It is easiest to start with Microsoft Front Page which comes very naturally to all who have mastered Microsoft Word.  
The following link will make working in Microsoft Front Page significantly easier.
Other useful links dealing in web-page development and design can be found on our link page.
2. Could you suggest where I could find icons?
There is a whole range of pages on the Internet which offer different icons free of for a charge. Some of those addresses are:
3.  How to insert navigation buttons, e.g. home page and is it possible to test them before publishing them on the web and how?

In Microsoft Front Page the chosen icon which will function as a button must first be entered into the page using the option Insert/Picture/From file, then in the Image window select the desired image and click Insert. After that right-click on the image and choose the option Hyperlink. The next step is to click on the page you want to link choosing from a list in the Insert Link window and confirm the selection by clicking on OK.

You can check what the page looks like before you put it on the web by selecting the option File/Preview in Browser.

4. With certain lectures it is often necessary to transfer part of the content to the next page due to limiting factors (the size and the quantity of text that 'fits' onto the page). Do you recommend such solutions or would you suggest splitting them into several frames following the chapters? 

Certain parts of text, which due to context cannot be split into smaller units without loosing its meaning, should be kept as a whole. In all other cases when the content can be divided into subchapters, it is recommendable to do so.


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