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Mimeographed course materials



In the description of the university scientific and instructional literature, definition of mimeographed course materials is very similar to the definition of a textbook.


Mimeographed course materials are literature which accompanies the instructional text or is its integral part developed in relation to the curriculum.


Such materials do not have to cover the curriculum of the whole course.


Based on three reviews, printing of such materials is approved by the university Commission for Scientific and Instructional Literature. In the case of printed textbooks, mimeographed course materials can be of a lesser quality print. This difference is, of course, no longer possible when we talk about educational materials on the web.



Links to examples we used

Osnove digitalne tehnike (Basic of digital technology; following the instructional text)

Department of English (mimeographed materials of the English Department at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb)

Fizika.org (Croatian Physics Society student section materials)


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