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The Purpose



Greek philosophers used to gather their students under olive trees, since the times of Alexandria to the National Library, libraries have been places where knowledge was kept and absorbed. Chalk and blackboard in hand exchanged for the Screen and mouse. There is always the teacher who has the knowledge and knows how to transmit it to his students.

Hypermedia and computer supported education are new technologies in the educational process.

The purpose of the Referral Center for the Development of Educational Materials is to provide the users with support for the development of higher quality hypertext materials, as well as use of such materials in the educational process.

We try to provide the users with access to realization of higher quality hypertext materials in four different ways:
- if the users have a precise idea of what they want to write (a textbook in PowerPoint or some other type of instructional literature)
- if the users are looking for suggestions for improving a part of their teaching process, e.g. exercises, seminars etc.
- if the teaching tools have already been defined - to suggest their possible use
- if more concrete problems of design and development of educational materials need to be resolved


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