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The chosen evaluation method


Which method has been chosen?  

We chose the method which evaluates a great number of criteria. This puts all the courseware in the same starting position and enables a more objective analysis.

We chose the method which evaluates a great number of criteria (more than 75). The method is based on simple evaluation system which evaluates whether a given criteria is present or not.

We consider the method good because:

  • It is possible to list a sufficient number of criteria to put all the tools in an equal starting position
  • A lack of one of the functionalities would not have great consequences on the total result of the analysis
  • Courseware analysis is completely objective
  • Since a large number of criteria is analysed, the user, and not the analyst can choose the criteria they consider important
  • All the tools can be evaluated according to the same criteria, and the user can select their preference based on independently defined criteria. E.g. there is no need to single out the presentation tools in a separate group of criteria
  • All the planned tools can be analysed within reasonable time
  • After such an analysis it is certain that all the required functionalities of a given tool have been tested
  • It enables easy and fast correction of the mistakes made in analysis process
  • It enables a better quality comparison of courseware according to a very narrow field which is the most important to the user, e.g. good quality of quizzes and forums.

During the process of analysis mistakes and omissions are possible. If a Reference center user notices such a mistake, the Reference center can very simply correct the current analysis and functionalities, without affecting the rest of the analysis.

Apart from evaluating the criteria, we find that descriptive evaluation can also often be very important in the selection process of a product, especially if the products which are being compared have very similar characteristics. Its value lies in the fact that it enables additional commentary for each unit next to the functionalities a product offers.

Choosing the criteria group

We grouped the criteria into the following larger units:

  • Student's work environment
    • Access to materials
    • User interface
    • Help
    • Private space and settings
    • Asynchronous communication: discussion groups
    • Asynchronous communication: e-mail
    • Calendar
    • Synchronous communication: discussions
    • Pedagogical material
  • Work environment of the author of the materials
    • Development of materials
    • Choosing the interface appearance
    • Course development
    • Knowledge testing
    • Discussion groups
    • Calendar
    • Audio and video
  • Work environment of the instructor and pedagogical tools
    • In general
    • Group work
    • Course analysis
    • Student participation
  • Administration
    • In general
    • System application
  • Croatian market demands
    • Diacritical characters
    • Support
  • Technical prerequisites
    • Client platform
    • Server platform
  • General characteristics
    • In general
    • Support
    • Licensing and prices


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