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Faculties and Institutes
Relevantnost: 100%
Faculties and Institutes > Faculties and Institutes
CARNET for Faculties and Institutes
Relevantnost: 83,3%
Faculties and Institutes > CARNET for Faculties and Institutes As a help to system engineers at Faculties and Institutes, CARNET has a Helpdesk and a Portal for system engineers, and provides the opportunity of education for...

Relevantnost: 41,5%
Encyclopedic summary > About CARNetThe Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet  (Croatian: Hrvatska akademska i istrazivacka mreza) is the national research and education network of Croatia. It is funded from the...
The 2nd Student Day - Modern Technologies in Education
Relevantnost: 41,5%
News > The 2nd Student Day - Modern Technologies in Education In cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies of the Split University as host and the Croatian Pedagogical and Literary Assembly - Split branch,...
Modern Technologies in Education (STO)
Relevantnost: 41,5%
Education > Modern technologies in education (STO) > Modern Technologies in Education (STO) Modern Technologies in Education is a one-day event intended primarily for the students of faculties of teacher education and faculties...
Member Institutions
Relevantnost: 38,7%
Member Institutions > Member Institutions
CARNET Infrastructure
Relevantnost: 31,8%
CARNET Infrastructure > CARNET Infrastructure The Government of the Republic of Croatia established the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET – in 1995 as an institution whose basic activities are network...
CARNET Projects
Relevantnost: 31,8%
CARNET Projects > CARNET Projects In addition to participating in EU programmes and projects, CARNET is also getting involved in numerous projects with other institutions and companies, in accordance with its vision and...
Teleconferencing Room
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Videoconferences > Teleconferencing Room > Teleconferencing Room A Teleconferencing Room is a place in an academic institution (mostly at faculties) completely adjusted to the conditions required for quality voice and video...
The 2nd Student Day of "Modern Technologies in Education - STO”
Relevantnost: 31,8%
News > The 2nd Student Day of "Modern Technologies in Education - STO” The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Split hosted on 23 and 24 April 2015 the 2nd Student Day under the title of...
CARNet in 2014
Relevantnost: 31,8%
News > CARNet in 2014 In 2014, the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet continued working on projects and activities according to its vision and mission, encouraging the application of modern information and...
List of CARNET Services
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Services > List of CARNET Services Abuse Service – receives and processes reports concerning security incidents and abuse of CARNET resources Adobe Connect - web collaboration tool with options such as whiteboard,...
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Education > Education Edu.hr portal - the central point for accessing educational services provided by CARNET, accessible by using the electronic identity in the AAI@EduHrs system Moodle/Loomen  - programme tool for...
Krovna mapa > korisno > english > about CARNet > CARNet brochure
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Dokumenti > Krovna mapa > korisno > english > about CARNet > CARNet brochure Document http://www.carnet.hr/en1234_about carnetCroatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet is an umbrella institutionin the education and...

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