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Online Encyclopedia
Relevantnost: 38,7%
Online Encyclopedia > Online Encyclopedia
Modern technologies in education (STO)
Relevantnost: 38,7%
Education > Modern technologies in education (STO) > Modern technologies in education (STO)
The "Nikola Tesla" National Distance - Learning Portal
Relevantnost: 38,7%
Education > The "Nikola Tesla" National Distance - Learning Portal > The "Nikola Tesla" National Distance - Learning Portal
Cisco Academy
Relevantnost: 38,7%
Cisco Academy > Cisco Academy
CARNet Team
Relevantnost: 31,8%
CARNet Team > CARNet Team CARNet currently employs 141 persons in six cities of Croatia - Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek, Split, Dubrovnik and Pula. CARNet team consists of people of various professions. Each of them has found...
Adobe Connect
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Multimedia > Adobe Connect > Adobe Connect In the desire to offer additional possibilities in everyday remote communication to the educational and academic community, CARNet has implemented the Adobe Connect service, which...
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Internet Services > NTP > NTP There is great need for synchronisation within the computer network environment. Accurate time is necessary for the proper functioning of distributed applications, in log analysis following a...
Odrzane konferencije
Relevantnost: 31,8%
CUC > Odrzane konferencije > Odrzane konferencije   18. CARNetova korisnicka konferencija, "Programirajmo svoju buducnost" 09. -11.11.2016., Rovinj, Hotel Lone  17. CARNetova korisnicka...
Internet Governance Forum
Relevantnost: 31,8%
CARNet Events > Internet Governance Forum > Internet Governance Forum Croatian Internet Governance Forum (CRO-IGF 2016.)Opatija, June 1st 2016, 14:30 – 19:00The mission of the Internet Governance Forum is to bring...
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Internet Services > mToken > mToken The CARNet mToken is an application for the generation of one-time passwords required for specific CARNet services. The mToken can be used instead of a physical token and its advantages are...
Relevantnost: 31,8%
CARNet Projects > eSkills > eSkills e-Skills for Jobs 2014 is a European Commission initiative directly stimulated by most recent analytical estimates that by the end of 2015 there will be a shortage of as many as 900,000 ICT...
CARNet Events
Relevantnost: 31,8%
CARNet Events > CARNet Events List of past and announced events CARNet is organizing Announced Events Webinars Past EventsCARNet Users Conference - CUC (19.-21.11.2014.)STO - Suvremene tehnologije u obrazovanju (Modern...
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Multimedia > Multimedia Videoconferences - establishing a videoconferencing connection between two or the more locations included in the system Internet Transmission (streaming) - one-sided transmission of multimedia...
Internet Governance Forum
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Internet Governance Forum > 2016 > Internet Governance Forum Croatian Internet Governance Forum (CRO-IGF 2016.)Opatija, June 1st 2016, 14:30 – 19:00The mission of the Internet Governance Forum is to bring together...
AMORES - An Approach to Motivating learners to Read in European Schools
Relevantnost: 31,8%
EU Programmes and Projects > Completed Projects > AMORES > AMORES - An Approach to Motivating learners to Read in European Schools Anna, a 11 year old primary school student from Poland, used to read rarely in her own time and...
Advanced Cyber Defence Center - ACDC
Relevantnost: 31,8%
EU Programmes and Projects > Completed Projects > ACDC > Advanced Cyber Defence Center - ACDC eco – Association the German Industry together with 28 partners from 14 European countries launched an Advanced Cyber Defence...
E-services for Business Operations
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Results > E-services for Business Operations > E-services for Business Operations In order to improve the overall quality and effectiveness of the schools' business operations and the security of document archiving, as well...
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Multimedia > Baltazar > Baltazar CARNets video portal called Baltazar at http://baltazar.carnet.hr contains the complete Zagreb film education programme.The content of the Baltazar Portal can be accessed only by CARNet users...
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Internet Services > Timetable > Timetable The Timetable is an interactive web application, intended only for primary and high-school students to make their learning and etting along at school easier. It is primarily a class...
Branko Radojevic
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Branko Radojevic > Branko Radojevic Deputy CEO for Computing Infrastructure and Services  Personal data:Born in Dubrovnik on 27th January 1972.Married, a father of two. Education:2003.  M.Sc. in Computer...
Virtual Servers
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Internet Services > Virtual Servers > Virtual Servers Virtual servers for institutions are a CARNet service primarily intended for full member institutions with a smaller number of users and without a system engineer.Virtual...
Deleting domains
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Deleting domains > Deleting domains Deleting free-of-charge second-level domainsDomain holders can delete their domains using on-line procedure on the web form for domain administration. - Croatian onlyThe procedure is as...
For registrars
Relevantnost: 31,8%
For registrars > For registrars Conclusion of contract with CARNet Only legal entities registered in the Republic of Croatia, which meet the requirements (Croatian only) specified by the CARNet Managing Council, at the proposal...
Prethodne konferencije
Relevantnost: 31,8%
CUC 2011 > Prethodne konferencije > Prethodne konferencije   1. CARNetova korisnicka konferencija, "Internet learning" 28.-30.11.1999., Zagreb, Fakultet elektrotehnike i racunarstva  2. CARNetova...
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Stick2CARNet > Stick2CARNet In responding to trends and the growing need for user mobility, in cooperation with T-Mobile, CARNet provides its users with a new service of individual access to the CARNet network –...
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Internet Access > SUPERCARNet 1D/2D/3D > SUPERCARNet 1D/2D/3D One of the new technologies of Internet access is a method of broadband access through cable TV network infrastructure.By using cable network access technology, in...
Teacher Training
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Education > Teacher Training > Teacher Training In order to make it easier for teachers to decide on their optimal teaching methods, as well as software solutions which would contribute to a better quality teaching process,...
e-Citizens mToken
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Internet Services > e-Citizens mToken > e-Citizens mToken The e-Citizens mToken is an electronic credential of the safety level 3. It consists of a mobile and a server application. The mobile application is used for the...
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Internet Services > voopIX > voopIX VoopIX is a system based on VoIP technology which serves for telephone traffic exchange via the CARNet network. VoopIX enables the connection between remote locations of member institutions...
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Internet Services > Webmail > Webmail CARNet offers its users a webmail service. Webmail is an e-mail client based on web technology, which uses the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) service at member institutions for...

Relevantnost: 31,8%
CARNetovi projekti > Pilot-projekti > Popis pilot-projekata > Sistem za zastitu podataka pri prijenosu kroz Internet koristenjem slucajnih brojeva i CGI tehnologije > Sistem za zastitu podataka pri prijenosu kroz Internet...
Online Encyclopedia
Relevantnost: 31,8%
Online Encyclopedia > Online Encyclopedia Proleksis Encyclopedia at http://enciklopedija.carnet.hr is the first Croatian general and national online encyclopedia, that is, one that is published in Croatian, conceived and edited...

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