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New Service for Issuing Electronic Certificates – TCS
Relevantnost: 47%
News > New Service for Issuing Electronic Certificates – TCS In cooperation with the organisation GÉANT (prior DANTE and TERENA), CARNet offers a new service issuing electronic certificates. The issuer of...
Web Space
Relevantnost: 46,7%
Internet Services > Web Space > Web Space The web space provision service is a service enabling users to store their own websites on a particular web server in the CARNet network. In this way the user can present information in...
CARNet Infrastructure
Relevantnost: 46%
CARNet Infrastructure > CARNet Infrastructure The Government of the Republic of Croatia established the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet – in 1995 as an institution whose basic activities are network...
The History of CARNet
Relevantnost: 46%
About CARNet > The History of CARNet > The History of CARNet The idea of establishing CARNet in Croatia was initiated in 1991. That same year the Ministry of Science and Technology started the CARNet project at the initiative...
CARNet Debian
Relevantnost: 45,3%
Internet Services > CARNet Debian > CARNet Debian CARNet develops and maintains CARNet Debian, a distribution of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system customized for the needs of CARNet members.CARNet Debian enables CARNet...

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