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CARNet in 2013
Relevantnost: 63,3%
News > CARNet in 2013 In 2013, the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet continued working on projects and activities in accordance with its vision and mission, encouraging the application of advanced...
Computer Security Department
Relevantnost: 61,2%
Computer Security Department > Computer Security Department  The Computer Security Department aims at securing the services and users of the CARNet network from computer and security threats, prevent the possibilities of...
User Support Department
Relevantnost: 61,2%
Organisation of CARNet > User Support Department > User Support Department The User Support Department ensures information about CARNET services, methods and terms of use and provides help in case of possible problems. Users...
CARNet experts in the GANT4 project leadership
Relevantnost: 58,8%
News > CARNet experts in the GANT4 project leadership The planning phase for the new generation of the GÉANT (Multi-Gigabit European Academic Network) project, whose participants include over 300 experts from over 70...
Education Support Department
Relevantnost: 58,8%
Organisation of CARNet > Education Support Department > Education Support Department The Education Support Department offers support to the educational and academic community in the use of information and communication...

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