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Relevantnost: 55,7%
Education > e-Laboratory > e-Laboratory e-Laboratory is the portal providing its users with information about tools, systems and applications in the field of e-learning. e-Laboratory deals with research, testing and selection...
Mediation in Resolving Computer Incidents
Relevantnost: 52,2%
Computer Security > Mediation in Resolving Computer Incidents > Mediation in Resolving Computer Incidents National CERT National CERT was established in accordance with the Croatian Information Security Act, with the mission of...
Internet Services
Relevantnost: 52,2%
Internet Services > Internet Services Hosting Service for Schools - service that provides opening of e-mail addresses and creation of a school website CMS for Schools - system providing a simple way to publish and update web...
Relevantnost: 52,2%
Internet Services > E-mail > E-mail E-mail or electronic mail is one of the simplest and most popular Internet services. It enables the transfer of messages via the Internet, mainly textual, using e-mail addresses in the form...
CARNet started a blog called e-obrazovanje.carnet.hr
Relevantnost: 52,2%
News > CARNet started a blog called e-obrazovanje.carnet.hr Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet is starting a blog on e-learning, which will be available at http://e-learning.carnet.hr/. The blog is intended...

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