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Relevantnost: 100%
Education > Webinars > Webinars A webinar (WEB based semINAR) is a seminar, lecture or workshop that is broadcast online. It happens in real-time and includes sound, textual or video communication between a lecturer and an...
Relevantnost: 92,1%
Education > Webinars > Webinars
Relevantnost: 87,8%
About CARNET > About CARNET The Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNET was established in 1991 as a project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia. In March 1995 the Government of the...
List of CARNet Services
Relevantnost: 79,9%
Services > List of CARNet Services Abuse Service – receives and processes reports concerning security incidents and abuse of CARNet resources Adobe Connect - web collaboration tool with options such as whiteboard,...
Relevantnost: 76,9%
Education > Education Edu.hr portal - the central point for accessing educational services provided by CARNET, accessible by using the electronic identity in the AAI@EduHrs system Moodle/Loomen  - programme tool for...
ICT Curricula Project Completed
Relevantnost: 76%
News > ICT Curricula Project Completed The results of the project ICT Curricula - "Development of the Elements of Qualifications, Programmes and Curricula Related to Computer Competency in Primary School Education"...
Community of Practitioners developed in Pilot Schools
Relevantnost: 67,8%
Results > Community of Practitioners developed in Pilot Schools > Community of Practitioners developed in Pilot Schools The overall objective of the Community of Practitioners, developed in the pilot schools, is to develop a...
CARNet Events
Relevantnost: 59,9%
CARNET Events > CARNet Events List of past and announced events CARNet is organizing Announced Events Webinars Past EventsCARNet Users Conference - CUC (19.-21.11.2014.)STO - Suvremene tehnologije u obrazovanju (Modern...

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