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Basic Croatian phrases
English Hrvatski (Croatian)
Welcome! Dobrodošli!
Hi/Hello! Bok!
Good morning! Dobro jutro!
Good afternoon! Dobar dan!
Good evening! Dobra večer!
Good night! Laku noć!
Goodbye! Doviđenja!
Good luck! Sretno!
Cheers! Živjeli!
Bon appetit! Dobar tek!
Bon voyage! Sretan put!
What's your name? Kako se zoveš? (inf) Kako se zovete? (frm)
My name is... Zovem se...
Where are you from? Odakle si? (inf) Odakle ste? (frm)
I'm from... Ja sam iz....
Pleased to meet you. Drago mi je.
How are you? Kako si? (inf) Kako ste? (frm)
I'm fine, thanks. And you? Hvala, dobro. A ti? (inf) A vi? (frm)
Speaking Croatian
Do you speak Croatian? Govoriš li hrvatski? (inf) Govorite li hrvatski? (frm)
Yes, a little. Da, malo.
I don't understand. Ne razumijem.
Please speak more slowly. Možeš li pričati sporije? (inf) Možete li pričati sporije? (frm)
Please write it down. Molim te, zapiši mi. (inf) Molim Vas, zapišite mi. (frm)
How do you Croatian? Kako se kaž hrvatskom?
Polite expressions
Excuse me! Oprosti! (inf) Oprostite! (frm)
Sorry! Žao mi je!
No problem! Nema problema!
Thank you! Hvala!
You are welcome! Nema na čemu!
Here you go! (when giving something) Izvoli! (inf) Izvolite (frm)
Some more useful phrases
How much is this? Koliko ovo košta?
Where's the toilet? Gdje je WC?
Help! U pomoć!
Stop! Stani! (inf) Stanite! (frm)
Call the police! Pozovite policiju!
(inf) informal expression
(frm) formal expression


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