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Why choose videoconferences

Without the need for travelling and additional costs, videoconferencing enables visual communication which allows better understanding and remembering of the presented content. In that way, an environment is created in which decisions are made quickly and in which ideas and knowledge flow freely, the result being efficient teamwork, development of communication and organisational skills and greater focus on the common goal.

Videoconferencing offers a simpler and easier access to knowledge because, among other things, it connects remote institutions in a unique shared classroom and allows problems to be considered from a variety of perspectives. The use of video or audio materials, charts, animations or different computer applications render possible different forms of teaching. Joint cooperation at multiple locations at the same time strengthens the feeling of unity and opens the way to various possibilities of imaginative creation.

Lectures given by domestic and foreign experts can be presented to a far larger number of students using videoconferencing. Such lectures save money and they are easier to organize than classic guest lectures, and therefore they can be organized more often.