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Research and Development Projects

Research and development projects are conducted in CARNet research and development laboratory with the goal to gather knowledge about the characteristics of information technologies and the possibilities for their application.

Since achieving and maintaining competencies in the area of information technologies of special interest for the academic community is one of the main CARNet tasks, the acquired knowledge is applied to projects and services within CARNet and the academic community, and are at the disposal of CARNet users and other networks in Croatia.

Through TERENA and CEENet the results of these projects are also available to other European academic and research networks.

Research and development project goals:

  • Finding technological solutions to specific problems
  • Tracking contemporary trends of growth and development in the area of information technologies
  • Expanding competencies to new areas of information technologies potentially interesting in the future work of the academic community
  • Creating an “incubator” – work atmosphere and community favouring the development of new ideas and concepts
  • Gathering, organization and presentation of the acquired knowledge about the characteristics and application of potentially usable information technologies.

Research and development projects:

  • Alternative access techniques
  • Establishment of CARNet test PKI system
  • Giga CARNet Video
  • Integral system of Internet television
  • New videoconference multipoint
  • QoS IP
  • Open source as desktop
  • Real Networks server for Internet transfer
  • TeleMED 2004 – 2nd Croatian international congress of telemedicine
  • Videomat
  • Wireless Mesh - be¾ièni pristup zasnovan na Mesh okru¾enju
  • Wireless network security 
  • X-Smart Card.