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| Published 24. 10. 2011. 10:55 | RSS

CARNet services available to students of adult education programmes

Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, in cooperation with Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet – and on the initiative of the Adult Education Council, as of 24th October 2011 enables adult students attending formal adult education programmes to access CARNet services on equal terms and in the same way as other CARNet users from the primary and secondary education system.

IT competences and Internet access are key factors for the development of the culture of lifelong learning and these services will help students attending adult education programmes in their everyday learning, personal improvement and development.

Adult education institutions can request these services for their students by filling out the form prescribed by the Agency, and students must be entered in the Agency's database – AZUP (Common andragogical data register). After verification, the Agency will create an electronic identity for students in the system AAI@EduHr.

It will be possible to use CARNet services during the education programme in which a particular student enrolled, and the precondition for such use will be a valid electronic identity in the system AAI@EduHr.

More details are available at the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, contact person Nives Pokrajčić, telephone number: 01/62 74 625, e-mail: