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| Published 3. 10. 2014. 16:40 | RSS

CARNet experts in the GÉANT4 project leadership

The planning phase for the new generation of the GÉANT (Multi-Gigabit European Academic Network) project, whose participants include over 300 experts from over 70 partner organizations from around 40 countries, is currently under way. The expected duration of the new project is seven years and the predicted contract value of the first year at consortium level exceeds € 40 million.

CARNet experts have participated in the planning, construction and development of the GÉANT network for a number of years and are recognized within the GÉANT community as high-quality experts in their field.

Ivana Golub, Deputy CEO for Network Infrastructure at CARNet, will manage the SA4 service activity - "Production Application Services and Infrastructure". The introduction of the production activity represents a novelty in relation to existing GÉANT projects and includes preparation processes for the transition of services from the development phase into the production phase, work supervision and production services maintenance, as well as continued production infrastructure and services optimization. You can read more about Ivana's current engagement in the GÉANT3plus project in the latest edition of GÉANT's Connect magazine.

CARNet's project also includes two work package managers (Task Leaders). Branko Radojeviæ, Deputy CEO for Computer and Information Systems and Services, is the manager of the future work package within the SA7 (the GÉANT Supply Chain) segment of servicing activities, and he is responsible for package T1 - "Brokerage and Procurement". Activities within this package can mostly be seen as a continuation of the operational implementation of the foundations laid down in the current GÉANT3plus project, especially within its current areas dealing with cooperation with commercial service providers from the field of cloud computing and mobile internet. At the same time, the foundation is laid for the management of the wider service portfolio, should it become necessary to introduce new services within the GÉANT network.

Damir Regvart from the CARNet Network Infrastructure Department is the manager of the third work package (T3) - "Demonstrating Identified Architectures in the NREN Community" within the first segment of joint research activities (JRA) under the title "Futures Network Topologies, Connectivity". Work package 3 deals with the "ZERO TOUCH" concept of the future development of the architecture of national research networks (the NREN) and the GÉANT network. "ZERO TOUCH" uses different approaches to investigate how control of the web information flow can be adapted to a device or application, for the purpose of providing the user with high-quality service and a high-quality experience, regardless of whether they use a mobile device, a fixed device, a "large" instrument or a data centre. T3 will investigate, specify and demonstrate the prototype of the NREN and GÉANT architecture of web framework construction.

The Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet has participated for many years in international projects under the title GÉANT, co-financed by the European Union. CARNet was accepted into the GÉANT consortium as early as 2001, when the first GÉANT network was launched, and in September 2004 CARNet actively joined the GÉANT2 project and its involvement has significantly contributed to the project and the development of a pan-European network. All CARNet users (pupils, teachers, students, professors, scientists and employees of CARNet member institutions) use the GÉANT network to establish direct connections with their colleagues from over 40 European countries and with over 8000 research and educational institutions. The third plus generation of GÉANT projects, or the GÉANT3plus project, in which CARNet is also actively involved, is currently being developed.