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Mobile / VIPme / Homebox CARNET
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Mobile / VIPme / Homebox CARNET

Mobile / Vipme / Homebox CARNET services users access the Internet and the CARNET network by using the latest and fastest mobile technologies (HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS) offered by the VIP network.

Vipme CARNET is a prepaid service for simple mobile Internet access, without a contract and without a monthly fee, which enables the users to fully control their costs by renewing their accounts with VIPme vouchers. Vipme CARNET users can use twice the amount of megabytes for their Internet traffic as compared to the users of the standard (commercial) VIPme Broadband tariff model. Users are entitled to use Vipme CARNET services and their benefits only during connection via APN.

Mobile CARNET is a service with a monthly fee and the only service that provides wireless mobile access to the CARNET computer network in roaming (outside of Croatia).

Homebox CARNET is a new method of individual access to CARNET network in combination with land phone lines. Homebox CARNET is a service enabling a fixed wireless access and data transmission to CARNET network. The service can be activated with Homebox/Officebox tariff models and provides 1 GB of additional bandwidth.



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