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One of the new technologies of Internet access is a method of broadband access through cable TV network infrastructure.

By using cable network access technology, in cooperation with, CARNET offers its users an alternative method of individual access to the CARNET network and has, to a certain extent, expanded the group of services that enable access to the CARNET network.

The SUPERCARNET 1D service offers broadband network access based on the CARNET network access via a cable modem, by using one of's data tariff models and cable modems which can be obtained upon registration at one of centres in Zagreb, Velika Gorica, Split, Solin, Zadar, Rijeka and Osijek.

SUPERCARNET 2D/3D is an extended SUPERCARNET 1D service which, in addition to the CARNET network access via cable modem, also includes television and phone services.




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