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Webmail is a web-based client e-mail that uses the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) service for members of the institution themselves.

CARNET Webmail

Webmail makes e-mail of users easily accessible from any part of the world. For its use, only modern web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.) and a valid Internet connection are enough.

CARNET’s Webmail is based on the free Horde web application that includes IMP (Internet Messaging Program) webmail client. When signing in, one can choose the display mode: dynamic, basic, and two ways to show on mobile devices. The choice depends on your current needs, computer capabilities, and speed of the internet connection.


CARNET system engineers
other AAI@EduHr users
faculties and colleges
other public institutions

How to Become a User

Each user with AAI@EduHr identity can use the CARNET webmail system. You need to have an active account on one of the e-mail servers (the server should support the IMAP protocol, including servers outside of Croatia).

Download the App

This is a web application, so the only access is via

Questions and Answers

Webmail does not accept password, what do I do?

Your system administrator in the institution is responsible for administering your passwords, i.e., the administrator of the directory for users of the education system. You cannot find or change any of the two required passwords through a webpage, nor can we do it for you.

After contacting a system engineer or a directory administrator, I was told that everything was fine in my institution. Who should now be contacted?

From any other e-mail account, send a description of the problem to and make sure you include all the relevant information (first name, last name, user account and name of the server or institution where your e-mail compartment is located). Problems in webmail work are possible, but they are far fewer than password problems or mailboxes at the parent institution.

How do webmail interfaces change (dynamic, traditional, minimalist)?

After logging into Webmail, follow the series of links: “Options” -> “Edit options for” -> “Global Options” -> “Select your view mode”. Select the desired display mode here.

If you use the Croatian translation interface, the sequence shall be: “Opcije” -> “Uredi opcije za” -> “Globalne opcije” -> “Opcije prikaza” -> “Odaberite način prikaza”.

I cannot find my e-mail server in the mail server list, what do I do?

Report a problem to Helpdesk (, which shall prompt your inquiry to the webmail team. After verification, the server shall be added to the server list.

If the server is unofficial or does not belong to the category of servers that we add to the predefined list, you can add multiple e-mail servers within the same AAI@EduHr identity. 


CARNET’s User Support Service

Phone: +385 1 6661 555