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Iskon.CARNET is a broadband internet access service based on the technology of accessing the CARNET network via ADSL, VDSL and optical technology. Iskon.CARNET packages without contractual obligations are available throughout Croatia.

Iskon.NET.TEL CARNET package service offers Internet access, an analogue telephone line and a single phone number, unlimited internet traffic through the CARNET network and a modem rental.

Iskon.NET.TV.TEL CARNET package service offers Internet access, one analogue phone line and one phone number, unlimited internet traffic through the CARNET network, Iskon.TV Fun, and rental of modem and TV (STB). More information about the service can be found here.


CARNET system engineers
other AAI@EduHr users
faculties and colleges
other public institutions

How to Become a User

Iskon.CARNET service is provided exclusively to users, individuals who have an electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system based on which authentication process and user authorization for the service is performed.

One can become a new Iskon.CARNET user by signing a contract with Iskon. For more information, contact Iskon customer service at your disposal that can be contacted by calling the free number 0800 1000. Also, the service can be arranged here too.

In order for the user to connect to the Internet, he/she should have an active electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system, or a user name and password within the AAI@EduHr system. The information is provided by the CARNET member institution to which the user belongs.

Questions and Answers


What is Iskon.CARNET service?

Iskon.CARNET is a broadband Internet access based on the technology of accessing the CARNET network through ADSL, VDSL and optical technology.

Whom is the service intended for?

skon.CARNET can be used by all CARNET users who have a unique electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system.

What are the terms and conditions of using Iskon.CARNET service and where are they available?

The terms of use of Iskon.CARNET services are available to all users at Iskon sales outlets and by telephone at 0800 1000.

What are the rules of conduct for Iskon.CARNET users?

All CARNET network users are required to conduct in accordance with the Decision on the acceptable use of CARNET network. Otherwise, they are subject to the sanctions of the CARNET Abuse Service, which includes temporarily or permanently disabling Internet access. Additional information and security tips can be found on the CARNET Abuse service pages.

Where can I find more information about Iskon.CARNET service?

All information about Iskon services can be obtained by calling 0800 1000 and by e-mail Also, service information can be found here.

How to activate Iskon.CARNET service?

Iskon.CARNET service can be activated by calling 0800 1000, every working day from 8 am to 8 pm and at Iskon sales outlets. Online login can be done here.

How to make the change from bridge to route mode?

You must login to the user pages at If you do not have user access information, call Iskon Customer Support at 0800 6320.

Account info

Can the sales representatives of the operator request a password when contracting the service?

When contracting a service operator’s employees can check whether the user is eligible for the service using the username only. An electronic identity user in AAI@EduHr is required to keep the password confidential.

How can a user get an electronic identity for access to CARNET?

The electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system is a virtual identity on the CARNET network, which is provided to individual users from the CARNET member institutions (pupils, teachers, students, professors and member institution staff members), and allows them to use the CARNET services.

The data (username and password) are assigned by the CARNET member institution to which the user belongs.

A list of core academic institutions and authorized persons who can be contacted for getting an electronic identity is available here, while students and teachers should contact the registry administrator at their institution. 

What is required to use Iskon.CARNET service?

In order for a user to connect to CARNET, one should have an active electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system, i.e. a username and password for accessing CARNET.

How can a user verify the status of electronic identity on CARNET?

An electronic identity check can be done by users here or by contacting the CARNET Helpdesk at +385 1 6661 555 or by e-mail at


If there is a problem with Iskon.CARNET service (connection problem, technical problems, slow connection...) whom to contact - Iskon or CARNET?

It is necessary to contact the Customer Service at 0800 6320 that can help you with all the problems and questions related to the Iskon.CARNET service. For all information about Iskon.CARNET service you need to call toll free info phone 0800 1000.

Which SMTP server is needed to send e-mail through Iskon.CARNET services?

The SMTP server for Iskon.CARNET service is

Verification of account or changing password

Use the interface for changing the password at:

On the LDAP server’s home page of the institution. The list is on the home page of the institution.

Users from the domain cannot change their passwords through a central password change interface. They change their password using the interface at

Contact Details

To resolve the issues related to the electronic identity (invalid username or password, forbidden connection and so on) you must contact the registry administrator of the institution or the CARNET Helpdesk.

CARNET’s User Support Service

Phone: +385 1 6661 555

For questions or difficulties related to the use of Iskon.CARNET services, it is necessary to contact Iskon Customer Service.

Iskon Technical Customer Support

Phone: 0800 6320

Iskon Free Info Phone

Phone: 0800 1000