CARNET Services Hosting for Schools

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CARNET Services Hosting for Schools

Services hosting for primary and secondary schools is the CARNET service that provides free electronic identity to all schools, their employees, teachers and students, or an electronic address in the form of, and username and password.

Electronic identity enables users to access CARNET services. Among the services available to all users, after the school is included in the hosting system, the possibility of Internet access through various fixed and mobile providers stands out; Edutorij – Digital Educational Resources Archive, the CARNET Remote Learning System Nikola Tesla, e-Lektire and many others. Schools are also provided with CMS for schools, a content management system that allows to easily set up and update online school pages through a network browser.


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How to Become a User

Students receive electronic identity when enrolling in primary or secondary school. Schools have their own administrator in charge of opening electronic identities to all students and teachers. At this address, you can find out who is the appointed administrator of the directory in your school.

The resource administrator is an IT educated person in charge of allocating resources to end-users and can only allocate the resources that CARNET has provided to their school, only to users of their school. The resource administrator list is located at the link.

Download the App

CARNET Services Hosting for Schools consists of several web applications: password reset portal or administration interface.

Questions and Answers

How to get user data in the AAI@EduHr electronic identity system?

A school administrator is responsible for opening AAI@EduHr accounts for all students and teachers.

The school has appointed a new administrator, what is the procedure?

In the CARNET (Croatian Academic and Research network) registration form for primary and secondary schools and pupils’ dorms it is necessary to state the name of the new administrator and send the completed form to the CARNET address.

The user’s electronic identity has expired (the expiration date of the basic connectivity has passed), how can the user regulate his status?

If a user is a primary or a secondary school student, the registry administrator has the authority to extend his or her electronic identity for the rest of school days. It is also possible to extend the status of employees with fixed-term contracts until their expiry or enter NONE in cases of permanent contracts. These actions are performed in CADMIN application.

What are students and teachers allowed to use within HUSO?

At the School Portal, in the Schools section on the right, there is a module “Important documents” containing a list of important documents for school staff and students. They include CARNET services for school staff, CARNET services for primary school students and CARNET services for secondary school students.

Registry administrator (RA) does not have user data to access HUSO. What is the proper procedure?

Please contact the CARNET User Support Service via email at or by fax at +385 1 6661 630 and submit a request for user data. After verification, user data will be sent to the registry administrator.

How to set up and use webmail for reading and sending e-mails?

At the School Portal in the Schools section on the right, there is a module “Important documents” containing a list of important documents for school staff and students. One of them is a Manual for using CARNET webmail interface with detailed instructions on how to create a new email account.

What data is required for reading and sending mail in HUSO?

For using email service you need to have a HUSO identity to log in to CARNET webmail interface, as described in the previous answer. It is possible to set up your own client account (MS Outlook, Thunderbird etc) as instructed on a link.

When logging into HUSO, it indicates that the user is not in the system (electronic identitiy not created). How to proceed?

To avoid this situation, it is important to select “Create” at the end of creating an account. In cases of prior employment it is possible that the user has not been signed out by the previous organization. Oftentimes users have been employed in organizations other than schools so a new account needs to be open.

How to increase web space?

Submit a request for increasing web space to the CARNET User Support Service stating the exact amount of space required and the reason for the increase.

There is a problem with the personal identification number (OIB) when entering a new user into HUSO.

One of the most common mistakes is wrongly entered personal identification number (OIB) or the control digit itself is invalid.

How can users change the password for their electronic identity in HUSO?

The password can be changed at (My account-> password) or at

How to embed the school webpages on the HUSO servers?

The instructions for setting up the webpages with different FTP clients are available at

What do you enter for the attribute value hrEduPersonExpireDate for staff members?

For employees with fixed term contracts, enter the end date of the contract and for the employees with permanent contracts enter NONE.

Contact Details

CARNET’s User Support Service

Phone: +385 1 6661 555