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Education Support Department

The Education support department offers support to the educational and academic community in the use of ICT technologies with the purpose of advancing the teaching process. The activities of the department are aimed at the systematic education of the educational community on the ways of implementing technology and online content in teaching with due regard of the pedagogical and methodical aspects of the application of such contents.

The support is carried out through three subdepartments:

  • e-learning academy
  • Educational centre
  • Teacher training.

The e-learning academy, through a one-year programme, provides basic knowledge on the implementation and application of e-learning through three programmes (Management, Tutoring and Course Design). The classes are held online with the support of mentors and through three live workshops, and the attendants are academics.

The activities of the educational centre are aimed at the creation and implementation of online courses and contents, support and education on the use of tools for the creation of online educational contents as well as support in the use of a distance learning platform. Also, through good practice examples, workshops, exchange visits, and the participation in EU projects, the education centre endeavours to contribute to the exchange of experience and dissemination of knowledge in the field of learning and teaching in the online environment.

Teacher training is aimed at workshops on high-quality and expedient application of CARNet training tools in teaching, but the model is also expanded to other subjects from the field of ICT application in teaching.

The planned new projects are the following:

  • implementation of new online content and courses
  • improving the functionality of the learning platform
  • planning of new subjects and holding workshops
  • commemorating five years of the portal and ten years of the e-learning Academy
  • establishing the online textbook service
  • establishing the classroom of the future.