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Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects are thematically related to improvement of the CARNet network infrastructure as well as the basic network services with the goal to implement technologically advanced solutions in accordance with the development of data network and network service technologies.

The main areas infrastructure projects deal with are related to the development of portable technologies on the network backbone, security and reliability, to different access technology solutions for individuals and institutions, while some infrastructure projects deal with implementation of different network services such as videoconferences, AAI infrastructure etc.

Infrastructure projects are conducted by using the following methods:

  • Monitoring and application of new technological solutions in accordance with the technology development pace
  • Implementing research results primarily from the research and development projects domain
  • Communication with the users and establishing network services which to the greatest possible extent meet the needs of the CARNet user community.

 Infracstructure projects:

  • Abuse Service
  • Automation of user account administration
  • CARNet network back-up
  • e-Islands
  • Establishing access to the CARNet network through EDGE/GPRS/UMTS
  • Geant 2
  • Giga CARNet
  • Croatian translation of terminology related to Internet protocol version 6: HRIPv6 New public server service
  • Promotional and PR activities of Giga CARNet projectDevelopment and Implementation of New Online Courses – Part 3
  • The second phase of the establishment of TCRs
  • Voice over IP.