2011-10-19 10:52:00

New web centre for CARNet services and activities concerning computer security

On 17th October 2011, CARNet announced its new web centre for computer and information security, available at https://sigurnost.carnet.hr. At these websites one can find all relevant information about the CARNet services and activities concerning computer security, as well as news and current events in this area.

In addition to modern and user-adapted design, interaction among users was taken into account and special emphasis was placed on the importance of information security in everyday life. Information at https://sigurnost.carnet.hr is divided in three thematic units:

World of/about security More (on) security, and Security@CARNet.

In the first unit visitors can find news from the world of computer security and different information as part of the calendar of events, interesting links and RSS feeds. The unit "More (on) security" offers contents with educational materials for users from the field of computer security in the following sections: "Encyclopaedia", "Documents", "Advice", "Presentations" and "Challenges". In this unit we would like to draw your attention to the section "Challenges", where fun educational exercises will be published regularly. "Security@CARNet" contains data on CARNet computer and security services, and contact information for reporting incidents or inquiries concerning computer security.

We believe that CARNet users will easily find many useful information and we invite you to be our regular visitor at https://sigurnost.carnet.hr.

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