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Internet Governance Forum 2017

Join us at the third National Internet Governance Forum CRO-IGF 2017!

Internet governance forum (IGF) is acting under auspices of United Nations as an open platform for the discussion regarding Internet governance issues. Participation in the Forum is based on equal footing and application of multistakeholder model, meaning that representatives from industry and private sector, academic institutions, government sector and civil society will be present at the forum.

Propose the topic you find important by 31st of March and take part in creating the third CRO-IGF program. Organization Committee will select the most relevant topics among all proposed.

The Forum serves to emphasize the issues important to the Internet users in Croatia, it can influence decision makers and affect forming the attitude, decisions and public policies but it is important to underline that IGFby itself does not have mandate to make decisions. Help us indentify Internet governance important areas for Croatia and propose a subject for the CRO-IGF 2017 event! Join us on May 16th in Zagreb!

Prijava tema za Cro-IGF 2017 / Subject proposal for Cro-IGF 2017

Izaberite područje iz kojeg želite predložiti temu / Choose the area you would like to propose the topic for
* Područja / Areas

* Naziv teme koju predažete / Title of the subject you propose
Koju osobu ili osobe predlažete da pozovemo na CRO IGF da nam pomognu obraditi temu koju predlažete? / Person you propose to invite to the CRO-IGF to help us further refine the subject
Podaci o predlagatelju teme / Contact information
* Vaše ime / FIrst name
* Vaše prezime / Last name
* Vaša email adresa / Your email adress
Naziv firme/organizacije iz koje dolazite / Company/organization name
* Poslovni sektor iz kojeg dolazite / Working sector

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