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Internet Governance Forum 2017

The third National Internet Governance Forum CRO-IGF 2017

Detailed report from the third CRO-IGF is availiable now.

Internet governance forum (IGF) is acting under auspices of United Nations as an open platform for the discussion regarding Internet governance issues. Participation in the Forum is based on equal footing and application of multistakeholder model, meaning that representatives from industry and private sector, academic institutions, government sector and civil society will be openly share their positions concerning topics relevant for the future of Internet in Croatia.

Until the 31st of March we had open call for community input on CRO-IGF programme themes. This was application of bottom-up approach in creation of the CRO-IGF programme and engaging community to take active participation in creating CRO-IGF program. 

The third Croatian IGF took place in Zagreb, on 16 May 2017 and had the following agenda:

  • Introduction, CRO-IGF 2016 Follow-ups, IG Global and Regional News
  • Personal Data Protection, GDPR, Microtargeting
  • Short break
  • Media Literacy and Fake News
  • Continued Discussions over a cup of coffee

Audio-video recordings of the Personal Data Protection, GDPR, Microtargeting and Media Literacy and Fake News panel discussions are available now.

The Forum aims to emphasize the issues important to all stakeholders in Croatia interested in development and governance of the Internet, to raise awareness and promote better understanding of Internet governance issues and strengthen capacity of all stakeholders to actively participate in national, regional and global Internet governance processes. IGF by itself does not have mandate to make decisions, but it can influence decision makers and affect process of forming the attitudes, decisions and public policies.

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