Electronic Certificates

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Trusted Certificate Service – TCS

In cooperation with GÉANT (prior DANTE and TERENA), CARNET offers an electronic certification service. The certificate issuer is a company Sectigo Limited (instead of the former company DigiCert) with which GÉANT has entered into a contract.

The service allows you to use following certificates:

  • server certificates
  • client certificates
  • code signing certificates
  • grid certificates.

Service users have the right to use unlimited number of certificates. 

All certificates are issued without compensation. 

You can find more about the types of certificates and the service on


The Trusted Certificate Service (TCS) is intended for all CARNET members from the academic and research community and members of the educational community. A CARNET member acquires the right of TCS service by registration.

How to Become a User

The registration process begins with the completion of a document appointing authorized representatives to represent the TCS user institution in all procedures related to the management of electronic certificates.

Appointed representatives shall be enabled to access the  Sectigo Certificate Manager portal where they shall have the authority to carry out all the actions required to manage the certificates.

The registration of the institution and the appointment of an authorized representative is done by filling out online forms. Registration instructions and the online form are available at

Important Documents

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