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Portal š is a central point for the exchange of knowledge, news and information on Croatian education system and publication of texts in the area of modern education. As a virtual meeting place for teachers, students and parents, the portal offers all current and latest relevant information to visitors, as well as the opportunity to publish their own content.

Portal š

Numerous texts related to teaching and use of teaching technology can be found on the portal, useful information and contents that accompany the course, which can help students in fulfilling their daily school responsibilities, as well as in the organisation of free activities:


  • The Informer section brings the latest news related to the education system. Users can read news from Croatian education institutions, information about e-Enrolment, calendar of the current school year, captivating topics, and tips in subsections Actual and Smart and useful
  • The Supereducators section aims at teachers, and it primarily covers the application of information and communication technologies in education and other types of teaching and professional training. The Videos section in the Video corner and information about CARNET services for teachers are important parts of the section 
  • The Geeks and procrastinators section gathers all texts for primary and secondary schools’ students, information about CARNET services for students and an Audio corner with interesting radio shows of Croatian Radio 
  • The From schools section lists all the news and texts published by Croatian teachers about their schools and work in the classroom, as well as school newspapers
  • The Address book section brings the list of schools, faculties, and student dorms by county.


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Portal š


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