Open Discovery Space (ODS)

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About the Project

Open Discovery Space – ODS was a CIP ICT PSP funded project with a goal to boost the adoption of e-learning resources through socially-powered and multilingual open learning portal. The project has started in April 2012 and lasted for 3 years. CARNET was one of 51 partners involved.

The main aim of the project was to accelerate the sharing, adoption, usage, and re-purposing of the rich educational content base created through EU funding and from national initiatives. Further, it aligned the efforts and initiatives of a large number of relevant stakeholders around Europe, stimulating and increasing user demand.

Project Objectives

ODS addressed various challenges that face the eLearning environment in the European context. The interface has been designed with students, teachers, parents and policy makers in mind. ODS will fulfil three principal objectives.

Firstly, it empowered stakeholders through a single, integrated access point for e-learning resources from dispersed educational repositories.

Secondly, it engaged stakeholders in the production of meaningful educational activities by using a social-network style multilingual portal, offering eLearning resources as well as services for the production of educational activities.

Thirdly, it assessed the impact of the new educational activities, which could serve as a prototype to be adopted by stakeholders in school education.

In ODS, CARNET acted as national coordinator for all ODS activities in Croatia, including:

  • Hosting visionary, practice reflection and summative workshops
  • Hosting summer school related to ODS in Croatia in 2013
  • Gathering and analysing data from CARNET repositories
  • Involving stakeholders in a discussion about opportunities and barriers Croatian educators face when using digital education resources
  • Participating in the new ODS e-learning portal with two CARNET repositories:

CARNET used its participation in ODS project to boost the usage and creation of digital learning resources in Croatia. Furthermore, CARNET focused its activities to promote the need for production, usage and development of a culture of open educational resources (OER).

More information can be found at official project site.

This project was funded by the European Union.