CMS Clasroom Management System

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CMS Clasroom Management System

Classroom Management System is a device and learning management system in an interactive classroom. CMS is a term used to designate software tools designed to manage interactive classrooms.

As part of the e-Schools pilot project, a system for managing interactive classrooms was developed for creating digitally mature schools. The system enables tracking and routing of work on student devices, enables creating and storing of digital teaching contents, their sharing with students, planning courses, and managing student devices. The teacher has full control over student devices (student tracking, screen sharing, URL or app block), as well as over interaction with students (chat, polls, sharing of student screens).

The system also allows you to browse the teaching units of different teaching areas on smart screens. Teachers can interactively control of smart touch screen displays. The application includes a large number of auxiliary tools divided into different categories according to teaching processes, so this presentation tool allows teachers to present their curricula and their parts to pupils in a familiar and accessible way, and auxiliary tools, graphs, and presentations move the emphasis from theory to practical work.

The classroom of digitally mature schools is conceived as an interactive place where students are more involved in the teaching process than ever before. In order for students to attend and participate in interactive teaching, they need devices that can be included in the teaching process, and teachers need to have access to monitor students’ work. The Classroom Management System enables interactive teaching, including both sides of the classroom.


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How to Become a User

CMS is a system intended for use in interactive classrooms and at home. Students and teachers from schools that participated in pilot project “e-Schools: Establishing a System for Developing Digitally Mature Schools” have access to it using their AAI@EduHr accounts.

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