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e-Upisi - high school applications and enrollments

The first secondary school enrolment process carried out by electronic means was introduced in the school year 2013/2014. Students use the National Information System for Applications and Enrollments into Secondary Schools in order to apply for the desired school program, check their student scores and the state of the enrollment process.

The Decision on the elements and criteria of candidate selection for secondary school enrolments is issued each year by the Ministry of Science and Education.

The website contains publications relating to application and enrollment procedures and serves to regularly, via notifications, alert students regarding active crucial deadlines and processes.


In case of any doubts, questions or problems related to the operation of the system, CARNET customer service is at your disposal:

Online secondary school enrollment

Telephone: +385 1 6661 500

Every inquiry should contain the following information:

  • first and last name
  • user ID
  • telephone/mobile phone number as means of contact
  • a detailed description of the problem with any information that might help resolve the inquiry faster.

All enrollment information are available at the website.

Project goals

The goals of electronic enrolment in secondary schools are:

  • informatize the process of secondary school enrollment, ie. obtain a central place for online applications and enrollment in all secondary school education programs in the Republic of Croatia
  • secure a simple, transparent and fast online enrollment in the desired school program without unnecessary administrative work for students, parents, and the school as well.
  • provide the Ministry of Science and Education with an accurate record of enrolled students and their performance
  • enable students to apply for multiple education programs in a number of secondary schools
  • the ability to adapt student preferences according to their enrolment options
  • comparing the student’s rank with all those who have applied for the same education program

CARNET’s main activities regarding this project are to provide support to all users of the education system and to coordinate with other participants involved in the project.