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Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining Information System CARNET data encompasses measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting on student records and their contexts for the purpose of learning comprehension and the environment in which learning takes place. Learning analytics is used for predictions, personalization and interventions in case of assisting students, visualization of learning information and the creation of systems for predicting student success.

In order to get exact indicators of the influence of different parameters of ICT application and e-learning on the learning process, the professional development of project users and the development of digital maturity of schools, the project shall also include learning analytics. Data analytics shall provide a set of information from a profound analysis of the data and traces that users have left in their interaction with others, information and technology, and the results shall be used to improve the learning and teaching process with ICT.

Learning analytics shall also be used to influence decision-makers to determine educational reform guidelines.

Designed as a central application of the educational system, CARNET data is intended for all types of users who are related to education. Whether it is a student, parent, teacher, head, or employee at the Ministry, CARNET data offers a set of functionalities tailored specifically to the needs of each user. By analyzing data from the educational system, CARNET data provides students and teachers a good tracking of their work, principals have insights into teachers’ work, and depersonalized data from the system allow detailed reports to be developed based on strategies for improving school system as a whole.


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How to Become a User

The users of the service are all students, teachers, parents and school principals using the e-Class Register information system and having electronic identities in CARNET id system or 2-level e-Građani (e-Citizens) credentials.

Contact Details

CARNET’s Education System Support Service

Phone: +385 1 6661 500