Helpdesk for CARNET system engineers (

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During the first phase of internetization of higher education, CARNET provided the member institutions with servers with the Unix operating system which was later replaced with Debian Linux. For the purpose of the good functioning of the basic services (such as e-mails and networks), User Support service was enabled for the system engineers (

Helpdesk for CARNET system engineers (

The System Engineer Help ( service is designed to assist officially appointed system engineers with the occurrence of issues of server and services that CARNET supports. Access to assistance services is possible only by using the AAI@EduHr electronic identity and it is imperative that the system engineer establishes the LDAP directory in the “hrEduPersonRole” set on the “CARNET system engineer”.

This opens access to the network interface at The help system can also be accessed via e-mail by sending a description of the problem to the e-mail address In addition, it is possible to sort your queries beforehand so that you can use addresses:

  • (problems with CARNET packages)
  • (queries about the VPU system – virtual servers in CARNET)

A part of the services that system engineers encounter is extracted from the scope of the Service activities and we do not respond to such inquiries:

  • AAI@EduHr System – please send an e-mail to
  • Network problems – contact the CARNET NOC – Network Operations Centre. Contact phone: +385 1 6661 555, and the necessary information can be found here.


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How to Become a User

Officially appointed system engineers of the member institutions have the right to use the services. answers questions related to operating system Debian Linux, which is a standard on member institutions servers.

Questions and Answers

What type of questions does answer? answers questions related to problems with the server operating on Debian Linux operating system and basic services that come with it (e-mail, web sites). The aim is to ensure the presence of the institution on the internet.

What type of questions does not answer?

We can not answer questions related to the operating system Windows or any Linux distributions. Also, for all inquiries about the AAI@EduHr system please write to

We do not have system engineers, how do we get help?

If the jobs of the system engineer is outsourced, an expert from the institution has to be designated as a system engineer and he will be eligible for help. The server still has to be on Debian Linux distribution.

How can we get more information?

Visit sys.portal at the address At the portal we publish useful articles authored by system engineers of the member institutions.


Contact Details

Phone: +385 1 6661 555