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About Users Board

The Users Board is made up of the CARNET CEO and the representatives of member institutions or CARNET contracting users. Representatives from the academic community are the CARNET coordinators of each individual institution, while school representatives are appointed resource administrators.

The work of the Users Board is coordinated by the Presidency composed of the President and four members, of which at least there is one member of the academic community or the education system.

The Presidency of the Users Board is selected by users themselves. The Users Board is convened by the President and meets as required, at least once in two years. The CARNET CEO may convene a session of the Users Board based on a written request of at least ten coordinators of the users.

The Users Board is the advisory body of the CARNET CEO. It proposes measures to improve infrastructure and services, topics for research, education, promotional topics, pilot research and so on. Technical conditions for holding a meeting of the Users Board are provided by CARNET while the costs of attending the sessions of the Users Board are borne by member institutions.

The Presidency of the Users Board

The Presidency of the Users Board consists of:

  • Damir Mrkonjić, ing., Institute for Adriatic Crops and Karst Reclamation, Split – president 
  • Viktorija Vranešić, Primary School Luka Botić, Viškovci
  • Nikolina Bubica, Mokošica Primary School
  • Danijel Forjan, Primary School Pantovčak, Zagreb
  • Mario Zidar, Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering