e-Class Register for Teachers

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e-Class Register for teachers is intended for teachers of schools that are involved in the e-Class Register system and can access the application via For login, teachers use their AAI@EduHr account, which is provided by their school administrators, with the obligatory use of a token that disables any unauthorized access to the teacher app.

e-Class Register for Teachers

e-Class Register provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant data to teachers and classmasters for an individual functions. Classmasters are provided with access to all the data of their classroom students, and teachers see the data exclusively for their subjects. All of this reduces the possibility of an unauthorized entry, but also theft and deliberately or unintentionally destroying a class register. In addition, at the beginning of the school year, e-Class Register retrieves student data from e-Matica, and at the end of school year, student data with grades and absences switch back to e-Matica, which reduces multiple entries of the same data.


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How to Become a User

Tokens for e-Class Register

Physical tokens can be obtained from suppliers who signed a statement with CARNET by which they warrant responsible and appropriate management of tokens and associated secret keys, and that the token is tested and properly working with e-Class Register system. The suppliers who have signed a statement with CARNET and from which token are available are:

CARNET mToken is an application for generating one-time passwords required for specific CARNET services. mToken can be used instead of a physical token and the advantages are:

  • a higher level of security
  • simpler, more intuitive and more accessible use
  • free of charge.

Particular attention is paid to application security and data protection:

  • mToken does not store a secret PIN of the user anywhere
  • mToken cannot be copied to another cell phone
  • mToken does not use the internet connection to generate a one-time password.

The technical prerequisites for using CARNET mToken application are:

  • Android 2.2+
  • iOS 4.3+
  • Windows Phone 7.5+

Smartphone users with Android, iOS, and Windows can download mToken application that they can use to generate one-time passwords. The application can be downloaded:

Before using mToken application, it is necessary to activate it, which can be done by e-mail at, and the application must be sent from the official e-mail address ( In the application it is necessary to state:

  • first name and surname
  • PIN
  • the mobile phone number where mToken is installed
  • operating system on which mToken is installed
  • HUSO electronic identity of the person whose mToken needs to be activated.

Download the App

Smartphone users with Android, iOS, and Windows can download mToken application that they can use to generate one-time passwords. The application can be downloaded:

Questions and Answers

Questions and answers for schools using e-Class Register

What to do when a token does not work?

Tokens are not provided for more frequent generation of numbers without the application entry. If the button has been pressed several times for a number generator and after that the token has stopped working properly, please contact

If the token has completely stopped working, the school administrator should assign a new token to the user.

Why does the system automatically log out users after 45 minutes?

This functionality is introduced for security reasons as the classroom lasts for 45 minutes and you need to enter data into the application at that time. If additional time is required, the user needs to login again.

Is it possible to enter a written check as a criterion that shall disable students from having more than one oral examination on a particular day?

On the day of writing an exam, the student can be orally examined only in one subject, i.e. two subjects if there is no written exam on that day.

How to delete a teacher from e-Class Register?

To remove a teacher from a school, one must select the employee that needs to be removed in the user administration, then select “Remove user” from the menu. In this way, the teacher shall be removed from the school and shall not be able to log in to the e-Class Register for the school from which was deleted.

What to do if a teacher fails to sign up to e-Class Register?

In this case, the administrator must verify the following:

  • Is the teacher on the list of teachers?
  • Is the user name ( properly entered in his/her data and whether the teacher has been registered in the system?
  • Check if the token has been entered and has all the numbers been entered correctly

If after the check the issue still exists, please contact

What to do if a student cannot log on at

There are two possible reasons for the unsuccessful login. The first is that the student’s school is not included in e-Class Register, and therefore has no access to the page, and the other is that the student received incorrect user data by the school or PIN.

If a school is included in e-Class Registry project, one should be able to sign up to the portal The list of schools involved can be found at the following link:

After you find that the school is included in e-Class Register, it would be best to eliminate the doubt that the issue is in the Internet browser you are using. Please try to login on the portal in another web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome …).

If login is still not possible and the information is correct, it is necessary for the e-Class Registry administrator to check the validity of your PIN in e-Class Register, e-Matica and HUSO system. It is important that PIN is valid in all three systems so that the user can successfully log into the portal.

If neither of these suggestions remedies your problem, please contact

How to record a pupil who disenrolled from the classroom, should he/she be deleted?

Students are not deleted when they leave the classroom.

The same as for journals in the paper form, the records must be kept.

It is only necessary for the grade teacher to mark “inactive” for the half-year for which it is printed in the grade administration.
If a pupil disenrolled from the class in the first semester, it is necessary to put inactive in the first and second semester. Similarly, if he disenrolled during the second semester, the first semester should be marked as active and the second as inactive.

How to activate mToken?

Before using the mToken application, it is necessary to activate it, which can be done by e-mail at The request should include the first and last name of the person, mobile phone number, PIN and HUSO electronic identity of the person whose mToken needs to be activated. The request should be sent from your official e-mail address (

What to do if a teacher wants to enter a grade older than a month?

Teachers cannot enter grades older than one month. The possibility for entering such grades is only available to the classmaster.

The classmaster can do so by selecting the desired student in the “Register” and the subject for which he wishes to enter the grade. Then select the menu in the upper right corner and the “Multiple Entry” option. In this way, you can enter grades older than one month.

Inability to log into the e-Class Register in relation to the date/time/time zone settings

Tablets, desktops, and laptops must have a properly set date, time or time zone.

If e-Class Register application detects incorrect settings, the following message should be displayed:
“Login failed due to incorrect date and time settings on the computer or device you are trying to access!

Please use the automatic date, time, and time settings, or set the correct date, time and time zone Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw or Zagreb, refresh the page and try signing in again.

It is necessary to check the correctness of the settings on the teachers’ devices with this message, and close all tabs in the web browser, close the browser, and try again to log in.

What are the time limits in e-Class Register?

The teacher can delete the grade entered within 10 minutes.

Entering grade is possible from the first day of the previous month to the current date. Grade cannot be entered for Sunday. The classmaster can enter grades for more than a month back using the “Multiple Entry” option.

Deleting the teaching units and the absences can be done within 48 hours.

e-Class Register administrator can at any time delete the entered data, i.e. there is no time limit for deleting the data for users who are administrators.

The class input is not time-limited. The teaching hours entered 14 or more days later than the date of the class in each report shall be marked in yellow.

Deletion of extended stay activities is possible within 48 hours. Changing activities that have already been entered is not time-limited.

Deleting and editing can be made by the teacher who has entered it.

E-mail message about the absence of the student shall be sent the next day at 7:30 am.

Data displayed within e-Class Register for students is displayed without any time difference.

What to do if a student disenrolled from the school?

If a student disenrolled from the school, it is necessary to select the class in which the student is located and then “Directory” -> “Right menu” -> “Student Administration”. Choosing the desired student requires “Personal Data” to be selected.

If a student disenrolled during the first semester, then the first and second semester status must be set to “Inactive”, and if he/she disenrolled during the second semester then only the status for the second semester should be set to “Inactive”.

How to change the program for a student?

The program within e-Matica must be changed for the student as instructed in the following link:

After changing the program in e-Matica, you must select “Directory” -> “Right menu” -> “Student Administration” -> “Right menu” -> “Retrieve from e-Matica”. After that, you need to select “Transfer students to e-Class Register” to transfer the new student program to e-Class Register.

If new program from the student is not assigned to any other student in the classroom, then you need to assign a new program to the “Subject Administration” menu for each subject. A new program can be assigned to an existing subject by selecting the desired subject and then “Edit”. In the newly opened window you shall be able to select a new program.

After adding a new item to the “Subject Administration” menu, you must select “Student Administration” and then choose the desired student and “Subjects”. In the above menu, it is necessary to change the program for students’ subjects. This is possible by clicking on a particular subject and then “Change direction”. In the newly opened window, you shall be able to select a new student’s program.

When a new program is set up for each student’s subject, then “Personal Data” should be selected and the old program should be removed from the student.

Is it possible to use mToken and physical token for logging to e-Class Register at the same time?

It is not possible to use mToken and physical token at the same time. The user should decide whether to use the physical token or the free mToken application for e-Class Register application.

Does e-Class Register have functionality to show grades from the other school or other class if the student has changed school or class during the school year?

If a student has changed school during the school year or has changed the class at the same school, it is possible to review his/her grades from another school or class. Insights into grades from other school are only possible if this school uses e-Class Register. In order for the classmaster to review these grades, student must be selected in the register and then the menu at the top right of the interface. The item “Grades from the other class” should be selected from the menu.

Can a classmaster change the status of an absence item that has been updated?

Yes, you need to select the -Class Register and then the working day for the absence you want to change. You then need to click on the menu in the upper right corner and select the option “Edit Day”. Then you need to choose the absence for which you want to change status and click on “Edit”. In the window that opens, you can change the status and type and enter the reason for the absence.

Why is the new school year not visible in e-Class Register although it is opened?

Class books for the new school year on the classroom selection interface are not visible until you download all classrooms from e-Matica for the new school year. To create classrooms, you must select “Class Departments and Groups” in the school settings. Then you need to click on “Create classrooms” and choose a new school year. After you create classrooms, they shall be available for selection on the classroom selection interface.

Do teachers have access to the Log Report per subject?

Yes, teachers can view the report for the subjects they teach in the classroom. To view the report, you need to select “Reports” in the register and then “Reports for the classroom”. In the list of reports for the classroom, select “Log Report per subject ” to get insight into the hours worked for the subject you teach.


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