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CARNET System Engineers

The CARNET system engineer is the person who, on behalf of the member institution, cares about the correctness and stability of the CARNET computer communication resources that the facility has and their general technical and security status. As a rule, the CARNET system engineer is a person with the appropriate technical education and experience in working with computer technologies.

The appointment of a CARNET system engineer implies that a member has a person, a group of persons, a technical service or an external associate/institution that shall assume the maintenance of the network server and communications equipment obtained from CARNET.

Although the CARNET system engineer does not have to be a member of a member institution, he or she must be appointed by the dean or principal of the member institution where the system engineer works. To appoint a CARNET system engineer, it is necessary to fill out the appropriate Form. If a member has more than one person, associate or institution concerned with the computer communication and information infrastructure of the member, the officially appointed CARNET system engineer is the sole person through whom technical contact between the member and CARNET is realized.

For effective and timely communication in preventing and addressing computer security incidents, the CARNET system engineer is required to create an abuse-domain address abuse@institution_domain, regularly track the e-mails that arrive at that address and respond promptly to the CARNET CERT and Abuse Service request.

The rights and obligations of the CARNET system engineers are described in the official document CDA0033.

Helpdesk for CARNET System Engineers

Upon the occurrence of issues on the servers and services that are supported by CARNET, CARNET system engineers can contact Aid for system engineers ( on by using the electronic identity in the system AAI@EduHr. In the LDAP directory of the institution the system engineer has to set the attribute “hrEduPersonRole” to “CARNET system engineer”. The help desk can also be accessed via e-mail by sending a description of the problem to

It is possible to sort queries in advance and send them to the following e-mail addresses:

A part of the services that the system engineers encounter is extracted from the scope of the CARNET Service System Engineer Service. These are the following services:

  • AAI@EduHr system – inquiries should be sent to
  • network problems – it is necessary to contact CARNET NOC (Network Operations Centre) by telephone: +385 1 6661 555. The necessary information can be found on page Permanent connection (LINK!!!)
  • Windows operating systems (both server and client).