Classroom of the Future

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Classroom of the Future

The Classroom of the future is a classroom equipped with a teacher’s computer, tablets and smart screen and the classroom management system, all of which enable interactive exchange of knowledge and the transformation of the traditional teaching. The use of advanced technology encourages interactive teaching in which students can share activities among themselves or with the teacher; students can check their knowledge through tests, search for information on the internet and take part in activities that promote critical thinking and research. Teachers can share information and teaching materials with their students on the smart screen or directly on the student’s tablet, have an instant into student’s progress in class and check their understanding through quizzes, surveys or discussions. In this way, knowledge is just a click away, schools are empowered digitally while the interactive and project teaching is facilitated and made easier to access.

The project Classroom of the future is a result of public-private sector cooperation: CARNET and partner companies Microsoft and Samsung Electronics Adriatica, with the support of the Ministry of science and education.

Microsoft Classroom of the Future

Microsoft classrooms of the future are equipped with tablets and a smart board with a software solution that supports device management, interactive teaching and the use of the internet under the supervision of a teacher who has an overview of students’ screens and full control of the content they use in class. The tablets have Windows 8.1 operating system installed, the smart board has a touchscreen display providing interactive teaching and learning. As part of installing the use of the free Microsoft Office 365 service for the whole educational community, this equipment enables additional possibilities offered by Microsoft.

Together with teachers and partner companies, digital educational content adapted to the Croatian education system and language will be created.

Schools with Microsoft classrooms of the future:

OŠ Nikole Tesle, Mirkovci

Tehnička škola Ruđera Boškovića, Zagreb

Gimnazija Metković

Gimnazija Karlovac

Samsung Classroom of the Future

Samsung Classroom of the future is equipped with tablets, keyboards and a smart board with Content Management System called Samsung School. Such CMS enables teaching that takes place entirely in the virtual interface by sharing teaching materials, using the internet and digital teaching content under the supervision of a teacher who has an overview of students’ screens and full control of the content they use in class. Smart board has a touchscreen display providing interactive teaching and learning. Some schools also use wheels for storage keeping the tablets safe and charged.

Schools with Samsung Electronics classrooms of the future:

IX Gimnazija, Zagreb

OŠ Kamešnica, Otok

Gimnazija Fran Galović, Koprivnica

II. OŠ Bjelovar

OŠ Antun i Stjepan Radić, Gunja

OŠ Popovača

OŠ Horvati

OŠ Izidora Kršnjavoga Škola u bolnici u Zagrebu, lokacije: KDB Klaićeva te Zavod za hematologiju i onkologiju Dr. Mladen Ćepulić

Samsung Smart Apps Lab

Samsung Smart Apps Lab is intended for students of engineering and it offers additional education and courses for future ICT experts in Croatia. The Lab also provides research and the development of new software solutions with the support of the latest information technologies. This project gives more opportunities for sharing knowledge and experiences through networking between universities. It’s a joint project of CARNET, Samsung Electronics Adriatic and the university supported by the Ministry of science and education.

The laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek, the campus of the University of Rijeka and the Faculty of Engineering Rijeka are all equipped with computers for teachers, tablets, SmartTVs and smartphones to allow students interactive learning about programming and the development of mobile applications. Samsung School software will be adapted and developed in the laboratory in a way to cater to students and teachers needs, higher education in general and to connect Samsung School with the existing systems currently available at the universities in Croatia and world wide.

Higher educations institutions with Samsung Electronics Smart Apps Lab:

Elektrotehnički fakultet Osijek

Sveučilište u Rijeci

Filozofski fakultet u Splitu