Capacity building for the development of accessible digital content

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About the Project

Through this project, which includes four mobility types, new cooperations and partnerships will be developed on the European level, enabling the gaining of new insights in the field of accessible digital content and new tools, specifically intended for users, persons with disabilities and parents. Familiarization with European standards and cooperation with European organisations, along with their experiences, will contribute to the improvement of the existing services and enable their accessibility to the abovementioned users.
The needs which CARNET will address and meet through this project are as follows:
  • acquisition of new knowledge and skills with regard to the application of web accessibility;
  • adaptation of the existing educational and other web contents and creation of new ones in accordance with European accessibility standards;
  • review and development of existing digital e-learning tools;
  • creation of new digital e-learning tools designed especially for parents working with children with disabilities;
  • increasing the visibility and thereby, the accessibility of web contents and tools to adult users, persons with disabilities and parents;
  • improvement of communication skills, team working and coordination skills;
  • gathering new ideas, experiences and information through training in an international environment and cooperation with other organisations.
The project consists of three phases:
  1. the preparation phase — refers to collecting required documentation, finding and making arrangements with included partner organisations and other preparatory activities for the realisation of mobility activities;
  2. the mobility phase — consists of participating in structured courses;
  3. the result dissemination and knowledge exchange phase – will take place internally, in CARNET, and externally, in relation to external users.

Mobility Activities

All three specified project phases will be implemented through four different mobility activities (structured courses) planned within this project:

  1.  “Web Accessibility Fundamentals”
  2. “Interactive Technologies for the Future Classroom”
  3. “Soft Skills for Teachers, Trainers and Education Staff” 
  4. “Introduction to Accessibility”